About Us

Niyaduru Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. (NH) is one of a fastest growing SME's in Maldives.

Niyaduru Holdings is one of a fastest growing SME's in Maldives. From humble beginnings in 1990s', the company has since evolved and diversified into many fields, deriving strength from its core business areas which are: Engineering and Construction, Property and Real Estate, Power and Energy, Travel & Tourism and International Trading.

The company’s strength, however, lies in real estate and its capital investments. The foundation of NH is built on the core competency of investment strategy, using blocks of significant resources and investment assets that range from acquisition or lease of land to develop as income generating properties.

Our Vision

To be the leader in Real Estate in Maldives with renowned reputation of honesty, integrity, impeccable customer service and servicing our community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality services to our customers while improving their quality of life and establishing long term relationships based on the trust.

Our Values


As Real Estate experts, we have the most dependable and distinguished partners. NH's professional team is always available to meet your highest expectations while building a strong trusting relationship with each of you.


We excel at providing a luxury way of living specifically tailored to our clients’ high demands. The minimal aesthetics and the innovative design are the main features that make our buildings stand out.


We consistently provide top notch properties and high standard services. The excellent quality of the building materials composes a flawless construction result that pleases even the most demanding client.